Global Fusion (GF)™, is a dynamic social platform that brings together individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations alike so that they may unite, share, and entertain one another in an organize manner.  The Website provides additional resources on social/cultural lifestyles and travel suggestions. 


Our Mission:

Our mission is to, “Unite, Share, Entertain,” the populace through multiple points of social contact.  

Where We Came From:

Launched in 2008, GF Social Life began as a Fraternity and Sorority Web site geared towards college non-profits,

with the goal of uniting and improving the social development of college students; all while providing an

entertaining visual outlet for concerts and social gatherings. With a growing number of social, lifestyle, cultural and

corporate events, the need to capture these moments became more in demand. The vision which launched the GF

Social Life project was to expand that communication, was to create an integrated platform to allow groups to plan and promote thier events. 

Where Are We Going:

Our goals are to develop a stable platfomr that will empower a worldwide online community that allows you and/or your community to effectively plan and publicize events, post photos, videos, write a blog, chat and stay connected with collaboration tools to improve your online visibility and presence.

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