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  • Asia's Priciest Cities For Expats

    Posted by Travel Be Free November 13, 2015 1,405 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Asia  #Expats 

    All over the globe it is well known that Asia has been rising as a good place to live for expats. And it’s no wonder if the standard of living in most places would go up.



    Singapore in the afternoon. [Photo: Straits Times] 



    According to some studies conducted, such as the  Mercer survey did,  Singaporehas ranked as the most expensive city for expats basing on recent infrastructure and other economic developments. Also the standing of Singapore as a republic as well as a global city have made it harder to deal with its cost of living condition. Its increasing inflation rate has also been a factor for the rising cost of living in the city.



    Evening glamour in Hong Kong. [Photo: Hotel Madera]



    Expatriates discover that things in Hong Kong are more expensive than their prices in their homelands, especially in the case of property prices due to land scarcity. But it offers cheaper food and reliable public transport system. Emigrants are attracted to living in Hong Kong for reasons of low taxation and high-quality living.



    Beijing and Shanghai cities in China must also be included in the list of priciest cost of living in Asia. Although their currency has fallen against euro and sterling, it has strengthened against the US dollar. Beijing has a lower cost of housing than in Hong Kong but basing on lifestyle, Beijing and other Chinese cities have much higher cost.



    Seoul, South Korea at night. [Photo: Wikimedia] 



    Seoul in South Korea is also on the list. The Korean currency has also strengthened approximately 10% and 5% against euro for the past 12 months. Being also the home of world’s biggest companies of technology it cannot be taken away from this city to be pricy.



    Sunset Skyline in Tokyo, Japan. [Photo by Dave Macdonald via Japan Today] 



    Tokyo also made it to the list of pricy cities for expats. Those who live here spends more money than those who live in other cities considering that a two-bedroom apartment rents are now ranging at $5000 per month.



    Nagoya another city in Japan and the fourth populous is also a costly city to live in. 44% of cars manufactured in Japan came from Nagoya. The cost of living for expats here is high since its strength comes from being Japan’s main port city and it is one of the populous cities of Japan.



    Taipei has an expensive lifestyle, and accommodations are small and basic. Climate also added the cost of living since it is most impossible to live in Taipei during summer without air conditioner. Even owning a car is of great expense. Expats are charged with different rates of school fees, and other schools have complicated fee structure in this city. Charging of taxes is also structured differently in the lower early part and higher on later part of the year.



    A beautiful picture of New Delhi at night. [Photo: New Delhi Gafe Summit] 



    New Delhi is the city most expensive for expats in India. This is because of the rising inflation that is hurting nations around the world that moderates the economic growth of India as well as New Delhi itself gaining 8% from 2011-2012.



    Asia is the home of cities that has the potential to be part of the global economy, and this is why the cost of living in one of them at a high price.

    Article Credit: Marequitta Dequito