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Hawaii » Notes » Oahu's Makapu’u Ridge Trail

  • Oahu's Makapu’u Ridge Trail

    Posted by Travel Be Free October 7, 2015 1,795 views - 0 comments - 1 like - #Hike  #Adventures  #Makapu'u Point 

    Oahu's Makapu’u Ridge to Makapu'u Puka 

    (Makapu'u Lighthouse alternative trail) 

     ** (DISCLAIMER): If you attempt this or these hikes you are doing so at your own risk. 


    The Makapu'u Ridge Trail is great as it Scenic Shoreline offers great views of the eastern shore as well as views all the way to Moloka'i and Lana'i.   

    Leave a car at the Seven Eleven in Waimanalo. Then drive to the Lighthouse and park in or around the lookout parking lot by the lighthouse trail.  


    Quick Overview: This hike is pretty rocky and there are areas where you will have to climb over some very sketchy or rather thin areas at great heights.  If you are afraid of hikes this is not the hike for you!  Upon our first trip we wish we had brought proper boots as well as a pear of socks to avoid the spikey bushes.  It will take about 2 hours or less, depending how much time you stop for gorgeous photo-ops, aka "selfies" of rabbit island and the ocean views. There are two primary options to get off the ridge; the fist option is to turn around at the puka (hole) in the rock, you can climb down the ridge between the peaks or just go all the way back to the lighthouse.  The second option is to continue another 2 hours to the Tom Tom trail, which will take you all the way down into Waimanalo by the seven-eleven.

    Street View:  Starting Point to TomTom Trail or Makapu'u Puka is 10029 Kalanianaole Hwy
    Waimanalo Beach, Hawaii 



    Bring binoculars if you are here during humpback whale migrating season (November-May).

     Bring Bug Spray i.e "OFF", lots of flies and little creatures on the bushes  


    c. Wear Knee high Socks, yes silly, Thorny bushes will love u, if you don't! See image #3, girl on left vs right.  

     This hike is exposed to the sun, absoutely no shade, so don't forget the sun screen. 


    Photo Highlights: 

    The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail, also known as the Kaiwi Scenic Shoreline 





     #2 Once you get to the top of the ridge the Lighthouse will start to get quite diminutive; thus another reason to bring binoculars.




     #3: Don't forget to take a Selfie, Join the Hawaii Group and Share your own Photos with us :) 



    #4 This is the goal of the hike, if you choose...its called the Makapu'u puka (hole) in the rock. 


    See More Pix below, or check out our high quality Photo gallery of the Makapuu Ridge.